Storyboard in VR

VR content doesn’t exist on a flat plane.
Your storyboards shouldn’t either.


Pen and Palette

Use a virtual pen to draw, stage, and create your virtual worlds. Then, use your trusty painter’s palette to control everything from layers to the environment.


Drawing in Stajit is as simple as holding your virtual pen in space and gripping it with your index finger. Squeeze it lightly to draw a thin stroke or squeeze it firmly for a thick stroke.


At the core of Stajit, frames enable you to create a storyboard or even traditional animation in the world around you. Creating a new frame is as simple as moving to the next frame.

Onion Skinning

Get a glimpse of the previous, next, or both previous and next frames to know where you should be drawing.

Contact Us

Stajit is no longer in development. We thank you for all the valuable feedback, and we hope it's been very helpful for you in your productions.