Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn’t Onion Skinning working?

If you’re touching your palette thumb to the next/previous frame buttons and no onion skinning is happening, chances are that Onion Skinning was toggled off. To toggle it on, click down on the palette thumbstick with your thumb, then try touching your thumb to the next/previous frame buttons.

How do I move a frame?

This isn’t directly built into Stajit yet, however it’s still possible to effectively move a frame.

First, copy the frame you want to move, then delete that frame. Now, select the frame where you want the copied frame to appear after. Finally, paste the frame. This will paste the copied frame after the currently selected frame.

How do I duplicate a layer?

First, select the layer you want to duplicate. Then, click the Copy Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers screen. Click the New Layer icon at the bottom of the Layers screen, and then click the Paste Layer icon. This will paste the copied layer into the new layer.

Sometimes I try grabbing or drawing and nothing happens.

This is usually caused by accidentally pointing at the menu while drawing. Make sure your palette is sufficiently out of the way the direction that the pen is pointing and then try grabbing or drawing again.

Another potential reason for grabbing not to work is when you have a layer selected other than the one you were intending to grab. If this is the case, on the palette, select the layer you wish to grab, then point into the space around the palette and grab the layer as you normally would.

Nothing is showing up when I draw. What’s up?

There are a couple things that could be happening.

First, check to make sure that the layer you’re drawing in is visible. Look at your selected layer and make sure the square beside the layer name is active.

If that isn’t what’s wrong, make sure you don’t have a tool activated (like the Delete Tool). If a tool is activated, switch to the Brushes tab and select a brush to deactivate the tool.

I have an idea to improve Stajit! Where can I suggest that?

Wonderful! We’re always looking for ways to make Stajit better for the artists who use it (and that includes us!). The best way to suggest a feature or improvement is by going to and using the form at the bottom of that page.